Friday, 29 January 2010


burnt out scooter
first day on the patch this year mon 25th jan a bit of a late start but better late than never checked out the island first there were plenty gulls about but no white wings mainly black heads common and herring,
in the horse field were a flock of roughly 70 redwings but no fieldfares yet{bogey bird}i am hoping to have a good go at patch listing this year after a couple of poor years where i have totally neglected the area theirs no point in having a blog called castle birding if i never visit the fucking place.
i have spent too many years chasing other people birds but this year i will be trying to find my own but i imagine i will get tempted away from my patch now and and again to see some rarities but whats wrong with that .
mon 25th
1herring gull
2 moorhen
3 lapwing
4 black headed gull
5 coot
6 teal
7 common gull
8 mallard
9 woodpigion
10 grey heron
11 carrion crow
12 little grebe
13 goldeneye
14 magpie
15 redwing
16 song thrush
17 chaffinch
18 starling
19 wren
20 goosander
21 mute swan
22 cormorant

Monday, 25 January 2010


Managed to get out bird watching last week for the first time this year it was cold and miserable so decided to head for some shelter and linton lane sounded a good bet as the hide is well sheltered ,it took me about 20mins to find the smew that has been reported here i tried to photograpth it but these 2 shots will win few awards but basically u can see what it is .
a quick stop at the Qe11 country park produced a whooper swan with a group of mute swans but it was too cold to stay here for long and there was more swans further up the road but i decided to get away , a quick stop at woodhorn produced very little
and i could not see any gulls around as there has been med gull reported here .
anyway hopefully i will get out again soon i will keep you posted bye for now.

Thursday, 14 January 2010


Im probably not alone but ive had some superb birds coming in to the garden lately over the xmas period a great spotted woodpecker was visiting my nut feeder and a male bullfinch came in to feed but the recent cold spell has brought some more unusual vistors including a mistle thrush a redwing {garden First}and best of all these superb bramblings{garden first}2 males and a female in total ,who knows whats coming next.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


have not been birding much lately but was out for a walk at the weekend and did a circular around the Qe11 country park nothing unusual in the way of birds but it was great to get out and see some birds again most of the lake was frozen apart from a few areas were most of the birds congregated.

and the swans were certainly hungry.