Saturday, 20 February 2010


A trip to wansbeck riverside park on the 4/2/10 my plan was to add the following birds to the patch list Grey wagtail ,fieldfare, and greater spotted woodpecker.
so i headed for the stream which runs through the woods and into the river next to the car park.
but their was no sign of any grey wagtails about maybe there is not enough insects this time of year.
i don't know I'm no expert.
so on to second target fieldfare i checked out the fields but maybe there is just not enough food around for them i have seen little in the way of berries or fruit around the park on to the 3rd target great spotted woodpecker well i didn't have much look there either but i did hear one drumming so i should catch up with one soon, well that was a well planned day 3 targets and 0 achieved.but i did see the following

29 robin
30blue tit
31 long tailed tit
32 kestrel
33 blackbird
34 great tit
35 coal tit
36 dunnock
37 mistle thrush
38 feral pigeon
39 house sparrow
40 pheasant

greater black backed television

mute swan

This was also knocking around in the field opposite the caravan site

Monday, 1 February 2010


Bullfinch feeding on sea buckthorn berries
male and female


female goldeneye

red breasted merganser

woody in garden

back on the patch on Thursday the 28th and went for a walk along the footpath firstly checking the island area added greater black backed gull and red breasted merganser to patch year list
then i went for a walk towards the road bridge near the estuary where i managed to find 4 otters
but too distant for a photo but hopefully i will get back soon to digiscope some pictures.
additions to patch list were
23 greater black backed gull
24 shellduck
25 red breasted merganser
26 goldfinch
27 sparrowhawk
28 bullfinch