Friday, 27 February 2009

Patch Listing

Here is my patch which i started keeping a record of birds seen in a calender year in 2008 i also have some old notes from previous years and i have been putting together a species list for this area,on the far left following the river wansbeck is sheepwash bridge then following the river in a north easterly direction taking in wansbeck riverside park then the river heads south easterly towards the stakeford road bridge then past the railway bridge and then towards castle island
then my boundary stops at the road bridge.
the patch is a bit narrower than the picture shows as i don't count all of the urban areas shown
and some of the distant fields etc.
2008 patch list
1 little grebe
3 grey heron
4 magpie
5 woodpigion
6 blue tit
7 tufted duck
8 teal
9 mallard
10 canada goose
11 herring gull
12 black headed gull
13 shellduck
14 coot
15 moorhen
16 mute swan
17 iceland gull
18 glaucous gull
19 common gull
20 carrion crow
21 chaffinch
22 coal tit
23 blackbird
24 cormorant
25 long tailed duck
26 magpie
27 greater black backed gull
28 song thrush
29 robin
30 great tit
31 kingfisher
32 mistle thrush
33 pochard
34 feral pigion
35 greenfinch
36 goldfinch
37 bullfinch
38 wren
39 treecreeper
40 great spotted woodpecker
41 goosander
42 dunnock
43 redshank
44 nuthatch
45 grey wagtail
46 goldcrest
47 long tailed tit
48 oystercatcher
49 starling
50 snipe
51 pied wagtail
52 kestrel
53 red breasted merganser
54 barnacle goose
55 redwing
56 lesser black backed gull
57 jackdaw
58 sparrowhawk
59 chiff chaff
60 house sparrow
61 swallow
62 whitethroat
63 gadwall
64 sand martin
65 common sandpiper
66 blackcap
67 collared dove
68 swift
69 linnit
70 grasshopper warbler
71 common tern
72 reed bunting
73 willow warbler
74 spotted flycatcher


Alan Tilmouth said...

No Greylag Goose? I'll let you have mine when I've finished the rebuild.

foggy said...

i think greylag should have been on their did not do a lot of patch watching last year

st said...

pied fly if only

foggy said...

acording to my notes no greylag
dear me, pied fly that was when there was a big migrant fall on8/9/08

foggy said...

whoops!! according to my notes it was a spotted flycathcher not pied
will amend