Tuesday, 13 October 2009


my best shots

I did not manage to make it for the release of the radde's warbler and did not get there until late saturday afternoon and the raddes had been showing 20min's before i arrived but it did not show any more, but the glossy ibis was showing well again close to the hide on the large pool and 3 greenshanks were also present 1 showing close to the hide. ive seen the glossy at 3 sights now cresswell inc bells pond longhirst and now druridge
I watched him or her fly off again on Saturday night and head towards the budge screen area
before landing.
As it is taking off before roost it always gives off a couple of grunts gruaa gruaa and is a real stunner in flight.
On Sunday i was determined to get up to druridge earlier to see if the radde's was showing and at about 9 o'clock i got some good views as it was showing well in an opening at the start of the path leading to the hides an excellent bird for northumberland but very elusive and i was one of the lucky ones to see it on the Sunday.


Stewart said...

Nice ones there Chris. As for art tips, can you give me some!

Only one - Look closely at any bird next time out then try and draw it as soon as you can from memory. Then you'll see how little notice you took! The next time, you WILL look closer thats for sure...

Johnnykinson said...

Nice Ibis image. I saw it last week, too distant for decent pic, but it did take off and circle the hide and i can still picture the image of it in the air. Absolutely sensational.

foggy said...

BB not sure wot u mean about art tips stew but thanks for comments .

JK cheers will check out your blog